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SongCue News

SongCue Public Beta Released

  SongCue has released version 1.0b1 in tarball form for testing purposes, along with expanded documentation.


SongCue Goes SourceForge!

  SongCue is taking advantage of SourceForge for our developer support site.


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SongCue (tm) is radio automation software for the masses. Originally known as autoradio (changed for domain name availability), this software is intended to target low-end radio installations where money is particularly tight by offering a relatively flexible environment for music automation without breaking your budget.

SongCue is available both as a source tarball and via CVS. Users wishing to test the latest code can download the source tarball and do a 'cvs update' to update their copy.

Note that the current CVS tree may not compile from day to day, and testing on various platforms only occurs periodically, so we make no guarantees about what you will get if you try to use the current CVS sources. The standard legal boilerplate applies. If you are at all concerned about this, you should not be using the CVS sources, and might want to consider a commercial alternative.

One future goal for this software is to combine it with audio editing software and add a better database front end to make administering the system more straightforward. For now, the software is only configurable through pgaccess or equivalent mysql utilities. You will note, however, that progress is being made in this area, albeit slowly.

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