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SongCue Public Beta Released

  SongCue has released version 1.0b1 in tarball form for testing purposes, along with expanded documentation.


SongCue Goes SourceForge!

  SongCue is taking advantage of SourceForge for our developer support site.


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SongCue Notes for Mac OS X (tm)

It's a pain. Here's what you need to install:
  • dlcompat (libdl) (1)
  • X11
  • lesstif
  • tcl/tk (1)
  • PostGreSQL or MySQL (2)
  • esd (from Fink, with an additional patch)
  • mpg123 (with patch)
  • ogg123 (with patch)

(1) Indicates requirement for pgaccess (whcih is only required for lack of a better way to modify the database

(2) MySQL transition in part because it ships with mac OS X and because of delays in a Fink release of postgres on X 10.1 and in part because postgres is just a pain to build and use on X.

This list may not be complete.


Note that postgres and tcl and tk require slight modifications to make them build correctly to support .so-style shared libraries in order for the pgaccess program to work. Of course, you can ignore that if you can find a better way to modify the database....

Also note that you MUST remove the old dylib files for TCL before you start working on building TCL/TK or else things will try to link against them and you'll go nuts for hours trying to figure out what is broken. (This is a well-known deficiency in the library path search order in Mac OS X's linker, ld.)

You will know that everything works (except esd and the mpg/ogg players) if you are able to run pgaccess. This part of the procedure is a non-trivial task, so if you aren't a serious UNIX/Linux geek, you should probably use mysql.

Once we have our own utility, the tcl/tk requirements will fall out, and stock postgresql sources (or at least the needed parts of it) will then build straight out of the box with './configure ; make'.

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